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Southeast Water Purification

This project consists of construction of 80 MGD surface water treatment plant expansion in Houston, TX. Work consists of: installation of 10,000 lf of buried piping, construction of 2 parallel raw water lines and metering stations to feed the proposed Treatment Module 2, construction of 2 flash mixing chambers, construction of 4 flocculation/sediment treatment trains, construction of 7 new filters including backwash and air scour system.

Eastside Water Treatment Plant Expansion Program

This project entails construction of clear-wells, deep concrete flumes, and junction structures. Construction phasing and coordination with the plant operations is critical due to the existing undersized clear-wells that must remain in operation while constructing around them and then demolition of these facilities and for construction of the remaining clear-wells and deepest flumes.

Waller Creek Tunnel Project Inlet Facility at Waterloo Park

Demoltion and abandonment of existing facilities, construction of new building structure with an approximate 21,627 sq. ft. building equipped witha debris handling and recirculation operations system, a transformer vault, an electrical/facilities room, storage rooms and restrooms.

108-inch Water Main Phase 5

This phase is the last of fifth phase of the 28-mile water pipeline from Lake Fork to the Iron Bridge Pump Station. This project consisted of approximately 1,756 lf of 108 PCCP Hanson Pipe.

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