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Holly 54

Installation of two 90 ft deep shafts and 800 LF of 90" tunnel placed underneath the Trinity River. Construction of 12,900 LF of 54" steel pipe water line. Approximately 3,700 LF of 12" pvc pipe and 1,000 LF of 16" sewer pvc.

Northside II 48" Water Main

Approximately 28,900 lf of 48" mortar coated steel pipe, associated paving, clearing, and 48" valve vault construction.

New Hope Road Improvements and New Hope Road 78/72

This project consists of 11,000 LF of roadway improvements which include base, asphalt, drainage, traffic signal construction, illumination. Approximately 5,943 LF of new 24" water line construction.

West Frisco Wastewater Improvements

This project consists of modification to three lift stations: Trails Lift Station, Fairways Lift Station and Grayhawk Station. Modifications to force main piping at Fairways and Trails Lift Station towards Panther Creek WWTP.

Gregg Avenue Lift Station to Hamestring Lift Station Interceptor WL-4

This project consists of 24,751 LF of gravity sewer main ranging from 8" to 48" diameter. Approximately 3876 LF of 30" force main. Approximately 74 new manholes and appurtenances. Other items include, erosion control, tree protection and some highway crossings.

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