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White Rock Lake Dredging

104,000 feet of Temporary Steel Dredge Pipeline; 2000 hp Pump Station; Booster Pump Station; Remote Booster Pump Station

Lake Tawakoni Water Supply Contract 3

Construction of 36" I.D. sump pit 68 ft deep, a 14' I.D. tie-in vault to connect an existing intake pipe and a 84" tunnel connecting the sump pit and the tie-in vault.

Reuse Pipeline and Diffuser to Lake Lanier Contract 3

Construction of approximately 7000 lf of 72" diameter steel subaqueous outfall pipeline with depths up to 115 lf below the water surface and more than a one mile off shore. Construction of pressure sustaining vault with related valves and appurtenances.

I-430 Bridge

Approximately 8800 LF of 30" pipe installation connecting to Murray Lake Bridge on I-430 in Little Rock Arkansas.

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